Prosecutors want to convict me

They came and went and they had a bluff in their ass hole that is bent
see what I’m talking about, you have a doubt?
dumb, not crazy maybe a bit lazy
prosecutor asked me what this all about
I looked at her and she it hot
took my brain punk and said is not
of nothing what you want
sorry lady you are hot
but i can take a fucking line of snot shit prop
going stand a life of a gangster paradise
i realise
God for give me here or when i’m dead in in my fucked up paradise,
i just hope you the ones realise

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


      1. How is Spain…fucked up really.
        And no I’m not a criminal, at least in my eyes the court says I am and I do have a police record, but that is not objectly but subjectly. I’m a good guy that in some time ago made bad decisions, not much to add.
        I did serve in the Spanish army and deployed two times, you don’t hear that in the news, you only hear about americans or british, but ther are quite some more. So that should count in my favour, I did serve the KING….. fuck it

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