We live in a world of information
Or there is also disinformation
You get bombarded by news 24 hours a day
You….. is it information or disinformation?

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. By the way I just erased you last comment, and I have no idea how I did it,
      so you said that you have a mind of your own …… and what if that mind of yours is actually manipulated, then is desinformation

    1. No, I can give you my cellphone number here it goes for all to see, 34 630573411. Those tweets things drives me nuts, actually only the comment section in wordpress is quite a challenge for me so imagine the tweet thing.

  1. I think it is the way we interpret the news bombarded on us, make it informative or maybe not.
    We must always have a choice of what information we must have and what we don’t want, and the moment we are deprived of this choice, we make ourself vulnerable to be manipulated.
    Today modern world, we must never believe what we see, we hear and we read because everything can be manipulated.
    I completely agree with you.

    1. Thank you for taking the time of reading and then the comment. I completely agree with what you said very well spoken by the way.
      Mine was just a crazy poem, but hopefully it seems I got my point through.

    1. You have to look at a case by case basis, and sometimes the whole message is desinformation other times is not all desinformation, so you have to discern which part of the message is true and the part that is not true, and make a rational though for yourself if your going to buy the car.

    1. Is not depressing, it’s actually quite interesting and useful to analise it.
      People who don’t get all the facts, or get misguided facts are always going to be loosers. If you are able to desipher the information that is thrown at you, it can be people, t.v, newpapers, everything in this world is information, even your car. What happens if the red light starts blinking? You already processing the information in your head and thinking well it seems that I’m running out of gas, so am I going to be able to get to my destination and then refuel there or should I refuel in the middle of my travel….simple things like that.
      We are information.

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