1. Well I’m all tucked in bed for it’s 10:05 pm… but tomorrow is my birthday and I’ll be having a yummy donut.. Chocolate with sprinkles.. how about you?

      2. I’m here in the computer without sleeping through the night since next to me in my bed there is a girl…. yep, and she is sleeping as I write, or maybe she is doing that she is sleeping, point being I have to really see me in the mirror and ask myself why the f do I get with these type of wome.
        I sais I didn’t sleep….why? Because I have my pants on with my money tucked away pretty good on myself, and if this crazy tries to get my computer if I fall asleep, wich she has tried another day, so here I am, stuck with my head into the computer just in case.

      3. Sounds like you may need to find a wholesome midwestern girl instead.. Jesus she tried stealing your cash? My oh my sir she may be a winner😬

      4. Thanks for the moral support….. she actually tried to steal my freaking laptop,
        why do I get involved with this crazies is my question. But I’m changing the methods though, I’m moving to the mid west of the U.S for starters.

      5. Ha! Good start there.. Another thought is something I’ve learned from the past 6 months of treatment…
        No new relationships or stopping old ones in the first year of recovery..
        sounds so fucking easy, right?
        So glad I can be of support 😉
        How are you today?

      6. Doing just fine thank you for asking. Sober. A bit bored though.
        About the relationships, my guess is that new ones should be good, new and healthy ones that is. And the others you or I had in the past, well leave the there in the past and move on.
        And this Thursday I’ll go see the psychologis and the doctor, they actually do have a great program to help us addicts, and as you well know the hard thing is to stay sober once you get into that program. It’s all on me, either I want it and really commit myself to it or I’m just doing the stupid chiken dance.

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