I’m a baby killer

I’m a smoker
I’m a lover
And a baby killer undercover

Cigarettes are legal.
The government takes a big chunk of taxes from each pack bought
exactly 23%, bunch of idiots that we have sought.
They want me to feel bad now putting up crazy pictures?
I’ll go check the scriptures, then
do not take 23% in taxes
with their false politics

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses


      1. Hi Amy, do you really have a rose? Anyways that is here but is there so you can be scare, no drinks unfortuantely, been sober for quite some time just wrote a post about it…… why would a person do so?

      1. I’ll just bet you are, haha no my eyes are brown, my sisters both have blue…not fair. genes passed me by, my kids someof them blue eyes some geen/grey.

      1. You are dark hair and my guess is with dark eyes….like Dracula, so I have blond hair, or I had, and I still have the blue eyes, plus a preatty face, so you can imagine how cute the kid is going to turn our

      2. Do you have ….. nope, not going to that point, and th point being is this
        you are a good woman and who cares how you look, you are a good person and that as a human you have to cherish

      3. Hahahaha.. oh my goodness I just spat my coffee out… I am thinking your brains are bigger than you give yourself credit for.. how are you today.?

      4. Forget about thebeing an adult, yo don play a paye….
        Point being, I forgot, the other point is that I suffer from OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Dissorder, kind of a weird……

      5. I just erased the other comment I was writing too.
        Lets ge to the point, in the other comment you said about drinking wine and pills, you do have two little devils, so the point for me now, is this is how I function, you do it or not is that simple. And tomorrow it’s time to do.
        No help from family nor friends nor anybody, my choice and one I get the gear up, there is no stopping me, belive it.

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