President Bush

You can like his policies or not, my guess if who ever people read this
it has to be aaaaaaaaaaaaaalot, so then, my guess is that you see
the human side of this man, plus he is disarming cover your toes
since he is laughing good at himself and is…. whatever duuuude,
here he goes, by the way I don’ t really give a shit how many people listen
to this, but I did and like a happy share.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. Who knew George W. Bush would look so good in the rear-view mirror? I suspect the rear-view mirror is the last thing on The Donald’s mind, which is just as well (for him), because he totally lacks Bush’s character, grace and humility.

    1. You did say it at the end” grace and humiity” I myself will admit tht I didn’ t support this guy in his policies, plus I was a little machine in his policy when he send troop to Irak, but in a sense I do admire the man, he is not perfect for sure, neither am I, he took unpopular decisions and he stook by them, in that sense I can relate. Definitally not those kind of rough decision, life and death are on the line,
      but take away the policy wether you agree with ir or not, and you can see, truly see, he’s a good genuine person.

  2. George W. made many mistakes (everyone does) and lied us into Iraq, which we’re still angry about, but he’s been forgiven, and in many ways we understand why he did it, but in spite of his mistakes he’s a great guy – impossible not to like him; what’s not to like? Bush 1+2, Reagan, Clinton, Obama, any of them will do: they were real presidents. But your boy isn’t and never will be – he’s out of his league.

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