I’m on a diet

Since I’m not drinking I’m seeing my belly grow, you know?
Since I’m not drinking anxiety sometimes trumps creativity.
SInce I’m not drinking cigarettes become my great anti stress.

So, I’m going on a diet! And you better not laugh and stay quite,
since that was my meal this night, three grapes….. i actually have weigh them,
it’s one gram, sadly and is quite madly that i’m weighing each portion,
wich really is a bit of distortion.

3 grapes
3 grapes
I’m gonna start looking like those freaking apes

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. Isn’t it possible for you to plan a diet without you need to starve? As you answer another, you just went to the fridge next morning, which don’t help you in the length.

    1. I know it defeats the purpose…. but at least in that moment I felt I had accomplished something. Even though I lying to myself.
      Is very hard to stop drinking, then smoking, and then try to get into a diet, plus I really don’t have a lot of time to stop and cook myself great healthy meals.

      1. It is so very easy to get into any kind of abuse, but much more difficult to get out again. One thing, as works for many is to do some exercise in a way, you like it yourself. You just need to get the pulse up, this can give you the needed confidence, that it is possible to get out in the other side, alive.

      2. Exercise is definately key, alive….you don’t know my story but those who do are still scratching their heads as to why I’m still alive.

      1. Is it bacon? wolf wolf…… don’t cross my line, actually you can.
        Tell you a nice little story to sleep, as of right now I had several Marocans fucking Muslims drug dealers trying to brake the entrance of my the house I’m living at, what did I do? Grabed the knife and went for them, and this thing happen just 5 minutes ago, so tell me what should I do, I do live with 3 others in the house and it was me that reacted to this idiots, point being do you have balls or what, little punk…..sorry Robby

      2. This is an old story, told for my amusement, to several of my incarnations, one of which is Moroccan, Muslim, and a drug dealer of some repute. You’d miss us if we were gone, Charly. ๐Ÿ™‚
        Kindness – Robert.

      3. Yep, it is an old story, the fucking Marrocans still are in my life, actualy I too a knife as of one hour from now when they started to kick the door down, that is why they went, won;t talk too much about the thing that happened in half the second,
        but point being,
        my hands never tremble.
        I have no clue why really, my mother will tell me this or that and I’m scared, my …whatever normal chores normal people do I’m scared, but when the shit hits the fan I’m calm, I do what I have to do to in this case not only protect me but the three that live in my house.
        Telling you my friend, the hand does not shake, and by the way that does reassure the other poor woman who was scared shitleess.
        And this comes from little kid, up into the army when hand to shake, not mine thogh, not trying to be tough, but is the fucking truth, i just react in a very calm but also adrenaline is flowing and fear and alll those emotions I don’t know what the fuck, the thing is that my pulse is good.
        Do or Die as Americans say, well in my case is do….poooopypooopy, see, I’m laughing about this shit when these marrocans try to brake the door, although I do still have the knife 15 or 20 inches from me to grab in a sec, so …nothing,
        what a movie I just tell you, it’s all bullshit…. I think

      4. Sending you love and whatever protection vibes I can muster, Charly. Let me know when you move somewhere safer so that I can stop sending you strength. Until then – stay cool.
        Kindness – Robert.

  2. My diet is special, I’m not eating at all some days because I’m too occupied worrying about things and it makes me forget to eat….not good for the health, but I stay slim….

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