This is weird…fuck the muslims

Been in the army
Been deployed as Mr. Hardy
but that doesn’t count, or maybe it does, or not,
i have a head not.

Problem…. to say it quickly i got into a fight
as of right now with the Moroccans Muslim, although
Muslim didn’t say drug dealers, so I got one to get a bit off

He has to be the big tough guy specially when all the others
that are his bothers want to kick my ass, so i pull out and retrieve, but
he just comes to me, so here we go in a nice Mexican retrieve.

The older guys saw me, saw my crazy eyes and face that I was eventually go
for this idiot, so fuck them. Pussy ass shit, let it be known to him,
and now I write it and the adrenaline goes, but at that moment….
waaaaaaaaaaaw! You had to see Charly the Priest. Actually not better see him
to do that crazy feast, but it was him that in front of his guys had to
become the “the big guy”, he didn’t realise that i was not all that surprise
and i will go after you, and i jumped the que.

Fuck, I feel better now writing it, is so amazing
and this fuckers know where I living but is them that have
the problem….. fuck them. Staying truth to my roots.
Fucking Muslim drug dealers Marrocans, fuck you. Not in my country.

Any comments? Most willing to chat after my crazy life that looks like ass.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. Not really, I just had one of those fucking Marrocan Muslims trying to kick my door down and we are 3 people plus me who live here, so what did I came out, the fuking knife, and the woman who live with me woke up to see and she saw me standing there with a fuckin knife, so that is my wife, I’m not gonna run from this bitches, they want in, let it begin, I will kill them. If I see my life or the life around me in danger I will stick him or them, how many they are, I will stick it to them. And my mind is at peace.

      1. Don’t want to talk about these idiots, just picture a guy trying to brake our door, since we do live 4 people here, and me the only one that came out to them with the knife, actually just waiting for the police, but here in my country they don’t , so is up to me to defend as hero men, and bullshit, you do not come to my house to steal and if you do there is consequences.
        What did they want, MONEY, you forgot about that part, I thought you where thinking they wanted for me to have a pepsi and a laugh with them

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