I’m not reading ya

I’m not reading ya
ya knoooow

I’m upset with you people
but i did forget about my peep hole…
canna strange
bending words in rappering
so i decided to not read yall
cause you are to small
for me
and also….well, me.
Yaaa knooow!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses, and have a sense of humour.



    1. what in the world does that mean? Is it means like “ooo” something lieke that would be my guess…… Yassy Yassy ! Your are a hottie, see? That one rhymed, so that means that you are propense to rhyming

      1. Hey grammy, thati is what I’m going to call my mother, better not I don’t want to have a smack on my face from her, by the way what is up with the old stuff, actually lets not say, old stuff, is just the way, my mother smaked me when I screwed up, and actually now at my age she still smaks me but in another way…. the mental game.
        So, now if you hit the kid the kid says to the police ” my mother hit me”, so screw you, as long is not a accuring thing I’m good. I turned up O.K, don’t you think? Not really, I turned up a
        a bit ….. willy willy, you know I would actually would love to keep them secrets out, for you, you are my grandma…. what the fuck, so you are telling me that me own mother is a grandmama? No way …Jose,
        sorry I did smoke quite a bunch of joints, so right now is not me speaking is my other brother from another mother, wich is YOU

      2. my grandson calls me grammy…he calls a lot and writes letters…now he can do email which is good. in for a long time…says thanks for being me. whatever that means. I always say to him you can’t BS gram, you know.

      3. well ya can’t beat yer kids anymore…no no no…back in the day everybody thought a good smack was good medicine….now they will come and get and put ya in jail.

        is your mother a grandmother? always possible….actually grandkids are better than the real thing their parents because relationship is different with them

      4. She probably has a couple of grandkids…. but that was when I was a bit out of control in my early 20’s.
        And you are right about the jail thing, I had quite a lot of smacks when I was being a bad kid, now a days if a mother smacks a kid in front of people the woman will go to jail. That is why I call, the Millenium generation the pussy generation. (Sorry for the P word)

      5. Just because I had quite many spontaneous relationship of one nighter doesn’t make me a…. sluty guy? Is that even a meaning?
        Point being! …. I forgot, but I was going to say something very profound

      6. No, you should be relieved I don’t take care of kids, imagine who F up they would turn out with a parent like me.
        So you should be thanking me, at least I know that I have trouble taking care of myself so how in the world would I take care of a little human?

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