Free style

I did have quite a bunch of ” deep writing”, just decided to ignore it.

See that picture
that is my future
love love love
in the above
free styling
i’m creating
and those suffering from writer block
please don’t make go to your door and rock
free styling writing
while not taking my fingers off the keyboard of the computer
who lets yell, whatever, or Dan Rather, your choice
because you do have a voice.
Shiiiat, don’t tell me she is not a beauty, the dog I mean, I know I’m a beauty.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



      1. So you are saying…. you are lauging at me!!! Not cool sista,
        although if my crazy things make you laugh, the better.
        You do know that laughter actually makes you smarter. So as you can see I’m providing a humanitarian service
        lov ya

      2. Oh never laughing at you. I love animals and how much they love it. It does make me laugh. I like what you said about laughing it’s true. I laugh a lot. Not that I don’t see the sadness but somehow I always end up happy and laughing.
        I have always thought your sign off Frosty gentle is telling of your fun personality. ๐Ÿ™‚ Love back to you.

      3. Unfortunately it does happen with you woman, you have a great time with me…… hold it there, now
        I’m like fast food, easy to get, it tastes good for a while and easy to dispose.

      4. AWE let’s hope that isn’t the case Charly. I hope that someone special comes into your life that treats you like a 7 course meal. Funny how we are discussing food LOL ๐Ÿ™‚

      5. Yes it is the food isunny, specially when I eat or lick tomato or potato….. wink wink, I’m winking!
        By the way I just got home after having a fight with the fuking Marrocan guy.

      6. HAHA I think I maybe got 1/2 of that. I’m a little slower some days like today my blonde brain showed up so I’m lost in the clouds. LOL
        Oh you shouldn’t fight that is upsetting to your spirit don’t you feel? What is a Marrocan guy?

      7. I was just kidding around with the fight thing, hey! I have to be a tough guy.
        So your blond brain….. I hope nobody does a stay, you kow?
        Anyways anyhows I’m still gonna marry you on the 25 of December.

    1. Se is a cuttie pie, a bit ” off” since she tends to eat everything in her path, that would include my feet, as well as chairs, doors, walls, actually there is nothing she doesn’t eat

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