Naughty by nature

Look it! the next brown
she looks at her swirling in the diabolical world
what did she said?
got it since I’m a sex addict
but i can handle your pussy
but you might as well cook a rooster, by the way….
you do know that you can not stay, in this parade
since my dominican roommate
is my mate
and she hate
that my cock is American made.
so you got to go out
and about……

stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



    1. Is big and strong, that is America…. wink wink, sorry since I can’t put up emgies of those so I have to write “wink” instead of putting a creepy yellow face that s winking…..

      1. Smile away, by the way I don’t know why when I’m writing a comment I tend to rhyme…fucking weird, so I’m a commenter poet rhyming since is my thing.
        Take a picture of you smiling and put it in the mirror, just a thought.

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