Party party I´m so hearty!!!

Shit, that was not my ex girlfriend,
this one is, by the way you do know that she can sue me for this
anyways this is her, crazy bitch
Told ya, I´m quite the Casanova
fuck her by the way.
Let it be said….

Or just paaaaaaaaaaaaaaarty!!!

Is one fifteen a.m of the am morning stand, curious thing, I did have sex with a cute little girl……
That didn´t sound good at all. O well, she was 17 and Spanish, her decision my decision I guess.
One more for me to score, and should add for her too.
I really sound like an asshole,
so, let it be known. …… Party Party I´m so hearty!!!! yeeeeeeeeee, meauw

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

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