When you are feeling weak

Sometimes you grow tired
You feel weak,
Get all the strenght
Inside you
You could be surprise
To see how you can get the strengh and be more wise.
Yes that was my photo
I was really down in that one
In a dark park
I just got to sit up
And…You know the wassap.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


      1. Hey there, I talked to my guy here in the remote spanish town, wich I think he was in the MIT…… and he did told me it was a fucking scam, they will call you and obviously ask for the 80 buck to repair your problem that they ficticiousy created and then get your credit card and from there who knows, seems I wasn’t a great target for them since I don’t have a credit card nor bank account on the internet and no money, so screw em, now I can focus on reading some of you guys, nice guy, you know living in a small screwed up town you do find good people. Normally this guy would charge you for entering his “office”, but not all people, so I’m free to let it be and read.

      1. I knew it, that is why I had the chocolate in my hand, to put it all over you with a rose…… did I just say that outloud?
        Not my fault, my girlfriend left me….

      2. Poor, what the hell are you talking about?
        I have 2 million in the bank, I can go to Bahammas and Trotenheimer and after I will go to fuck my landlord….sorry for that one it just came out

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