Virus infection

Just a quick thing just in case the computer goes to hell from here to not so far away.
I got a notification that said the virus called Zeus, what the fuck with the name of the
So I immediately called the number given to me by the notice, problem is that I don’t have
a credit card to pay for 80 bucks, and at the same time I want to consult with other people
since the girl on the other side of the line was pushing it to hard. Hopefully it is not as
bad as she said, I looked the virus up and it said it gets into your bank accounts and pretty much
anything these great people do, good thing, I have no money in the bank, the bad thing as the
woman on the other side of the line was telling me and pressuring me was to immediately
pay the 80 bucks so they could fix it. So I got to have another opinion, and in the meantime
if they computer works until tomorrow I’ll read ya. You do know I like reading you all, but as of right
now I’m just trying to write as fast as I can and get the hell out of wordpress in case they get
my password, wich if all that technician said is true they probably have it by now.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. Thank you for the link, I did wrote it down. I got this guy in my town who is the “brain”, and he did told me that was a bunch of BS, so don’t pay it attention and keep on with the computer but obviously advised me to pay for a 40 dollars antivirus for a year, just in case who knows.
      Appreciate the link and comment.

  1. I was hacked,on march 22 and they are still causing me stress. Lucky for my it’s not a virus and they haven’t done any significant except cause havoc with my two sites. Did it disable your security program?
    Good,luck and get on the phone with all the companies letting them know of the potential misuse of your card and bank info. You may want to call the credit reporting company so they can notate on your file. They can be helpful in not allowing the charges be held against you to pay.
    Good luck.

    1. Good thing in my case, I don’t have a banck account in the computer, and if I had it would be a dissapointment for the hacker since I have no money, the other thing is that I don’t have a credit card so that was they where asking me for, and third I have a MIT guy in my little town, he did say he worked in the MIT but it might be a lie, anyways the guy told me it was just a hoax, to keep on doing my thing but I did should buy a 40 dollars antivirus in cash and he would installed it,good guy. Did he really go to MIT? Well it seems the computer is going fine for now so not much worried.

    1. I did, I went to the guy from “MIT” in my little town, and he did tell me that it was jus bullshit, there was no virus there….hopefully, and that he did see this happend other times, they just want the 80 bucks and obviouly the credit card so they can scam you out more, thank goodness there is a smart person in my town that know about it. Now or tommorrown I’ll just keep on reading and writing as nothing happened.
      They can’t do shit without a crdit card, so screw them. Plus I don’t have one. Let alone a banking system in my computer, but now that I think about it, it was a preety well scam.

      1. Good that you got help here. I hope, that you do have Antivirus and Antimalware at your PC, both can be free, just google them, before you choose anyone. Sometimes they can be scam too. Both can avoid attack for real.

  2. My husband got hit by the FBI ransomware four years ago. I couldn’t get rid of it, and neither could anyone else so I just bought a new computer and recycled the old one. Shortly thereafter while I was still thinking about it and wondering how to protect our computers, I discover Malwarebytes. Best thing ever. I haven’t worried about our computers for 3 years 9 months now. Much better than Norton and McAfee and whatever other anti-virus programs are out there.

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