5 de mayo

Is not really the history, is just my creativity.

Bring the sombrero
Like the torero
Add one two plus zero
Latin Kings they were
Without underweare
But I just write
Without putting my pen down right
Her name was “Hello”
so this brings me to my own 5 de mayo
wich as my grandma said, and she did have a lot of sayings
“Hasta el 5 de Mayo no the quites el sayo”

Look it up on google if you want the translation, is your decision.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses with all my kissesse…



      1. Holy shit, the last comment was not meant for you, but in my deffense he woman does have a name that starts almost like yours, so close your eyes and hearing or the other way around and forget about I said, ha ha,just kidding, that is why is called creative writing

      2. Come on Yassy, you didn’t read all the post of “narcissist bitch” that I think would interest you more than the ohers,
        even more the 7 rules of war, gotting bored about the military.

        Really read the post and tell me what you think about the narcissist bitch, it would be greatfull to hear your comment, if you have time that is.

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