7 rules of war

Spanish version!
by the way fuck that virus, this guy from my hometown of MIT….. I think he was there,
maybe he lied, anyways fuck the virus just gonnna type.

7 rules war.

1-strong>1- Young soldiers die
2- You can’t change rule number one
3- Someone must die first
4- You are dying hororably, and I do believe that in some sense,
after all you did volunteer and did it for the others around you.
5- Is not easy
6-Fuck it, we wanted that, not the outcome but the experience.

7- you don’t love each other,at least not all, but you have respect and a bond like never

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses



      1. Thank you, that was very nice of you. And by the way I should add than I when I go out….. or inside, never mind, I do my shit, I…. well throw it to the neighour, is that o.k?

    1. Got it now, and yes that is true. I actually would have liked for some of those men to get a bullet in the ass, not really but point being that we are all not freinds. We just do our job, and thinking about it, that is where the bond comes from. You are scared shitless of not doing you job, you are also a bit scared to get shot but trainning kicks in as the americans say, and you just do it, you don’t even think about it, you jus do it or not, and if you don’t then you loose all the respect, I was more afraid of loosing the respect of these men than getting shot, sounds a bit dramatic but is true.

      1. I’m not trying to convince anybody, anybody can think whatever they want, as long as you like the stories is fine
        Plus the army thing that is true, and actually most of what I write is true, maybe a bit obscured but true

    1. No thank me trust me, I was in the Spanish Legion, wich in Spain the army is completely different how you treat your guys in America. I know since I lived half of my early life in the U.S.
      Here in Spain, half the population don’t even know they have an army and the other half don’t care or also hate it. Just another type of culture, we didn’t have parades or things like you guys have over there. And to tell you the truth is not that we wanted it.
      We just wanted to get home alive, get drunk, and get girls. Not much more to it. And see my mother I should add.

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