anticipation will set you up

she would be surprised
till the pont she won’t recognize
the anticipation
wich translates to my own nation
and a vacation
to my world
yes you,
anticipation will set you up….
thinking this or that or crap or snap
and then what?
Just whatever comes comes.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

P.S. That can go for a guy too, for example me, I do live in a town
where there are quite of the best of each family, the fucking Moroccans
that one guy just called me to say he was going to kill me and steal my
computer, I just asked him at what time….kinda weierd,
so the theme was anticipation….not happening in my case, I just
like to read you, wich you are quite a bunch by the way, and then write
my very cool stories. Don’t think much about these idiots to tell you the truth,
are they dangerous? Yes, I’m also prepared, won’t go into specifics, but,
is today a beautiful Saturday day? Yes it is.
So that is what is.

Holy shit the P.S was longer than the actual poem.


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