Fuck you I’m drunk

It was a good title, plus the song, wich I can bond.
Re, the read, is the need to say… fuck you I’m drunk. I do still struggle quite a bit
to say the least with the alcohol, I just went to the weed, seems I get hungrier and
fatter, and do raids against the fridge, but in my mind is healthier than the other thing.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. At least for me, but I’m geting quite the stamina to smoke this shit, plus I hate the fucking marrocans, today I just walked with no end in sight just trying to find the marrocan tha caled me and said he was going to kill me… just a bunch of shit really, although the thing can get very serious and very soon so you never really know, but to that environment i’m comfortable, and tha is the weird thing. Can I punch, yes, Can I hit you with one ore the two legs. yes, :I can also go further than that but won’t say so. And me the dumm probably said it one of those post so fuck it.
      I did get off track really nice, did you get me price?

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