delete delete…. I officially have become nuts

DELETE DELETE DELETE and DELETE some more…. 15 thousands plus posts that
had accumulated in my mail inbox, not to say that I don’t read you,
you know I do, but what I don’t do is check on regular basis is
the email, so it seems that after some quite a bunch of days the email
is fulled with posts, and even though you are great hosts and I do appreciate you
more than you can imagine, what happens is that….. 15 thousand plus posts that end up
in my inbox and makes my head…… deleted. My head is fried, just spend two plus hours
looking at the fucking inbox and moving my finger with the mouse from one little box to
another little box that said, guess what? delete!!. I have to say that I can only delete
100 at a time, so off went my mind.
Fuck me in the a hole, I can’t read anymore today,
my two neurons turned to hay.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



  1. There is a way to change what goes into your email inbox. I am not going to be much help figuring it out as it took me forever when I did it. I am pretty sure I googled the answer. Everything is googled in my world and probably spying on me in the process. Nthing to hide so whatever. Or maybe I do depending what they are looking for??? Anyhow, I did this a while back for peace of mind. I get notifications in my reader while writing and that is how I keep abreast of blogs. Hope that helps some.

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