Thank goodness for the tolerant left….
Imagine one from the other side doing it, they call him a fascist.
Nothing new to me living here in Spain, but I didn’t think it got that ugly
over there. And if some great person shows me a video were in the U.S there is
some guy from the right doing or hitting or just fucking up really, like those punks,
please share it. You will not find none, at the most you will find the Trump supporters
fighting back. Why do I know? Because I know the extreme left. By the way I’m not a Trump supporter,
I have better thing to do and survive in my life. But this was funny…..sortta

Hit it ! Fuck… I had a damn good poem written, this just got my attention
and I had the extreme urge to hit publish.


  1. America is falling apart… conservatives and independents are trying to hold back the waves but it seems she is lost. Liberals caricature everyone else their mirror image but cannot see themselves. Oh, get me going on politics…YUCK! Politics sucks life out of love. πŸ’”

    1. Actually since you are my internet friend, I won’t go there. I was just hopping some nutcase came in to insult, or make some argument that Charly Theh GRAND, now I grand…. Priest could debunk in less than a minute.
      But Jeanne……. wasn’t a love son called Jeanne?

  2. Wow I don’t do politics at all. I lost a very dear friend because I didn’t vote for their president. I voted my heart so sue me. β™‘ Ya it’s so not about all that stuff glad you see that!

    1. Not good to talk about politics with friends in general and if you know they disagree with you, so you talk about my pretty face and we all have peace and love

      1. That is true. I brought that up but they stopped talking to me. It’s was the oddest feeling. Guess it is for the best. Yes get your pretty face back here! πŸ™‚ LOL

      2. Spartans!!!! what is your profession?!!! Awo Awo Awo!!!!!! See? I’m like a spartan, those 300 died because they never surrendered, so I might actually end up dead…fuck me.

      3. I thought you were an outlander and loved forever. πŸ˜‚
        Professionally I’m a senior editor/art director for a magazine. My secret πŸ˜œπŸ’›πŸŒΌ

      4. Then publish me!….I really don’t care actually, I’m not a publishible writer as you can obviously see, but I’m working on it little by little. So… I’m a work in progress, I real work of a person that is.

      5. I did. I reblogged them on my blog! I like it a lot! I like that you write briefly and get to the point quick. I like that! πŸ™‚

      6. Thanks for aknowliding that, that is what I try to do.
        Keep it breef and to the point, and sometimes crazy points, but who wants to read a dissertation paper when you have so many people to read.

      7. Amen I think so too Charly. A good writer always makes their point quickly and lets the reader read between the lines. Unless it’s a technical paper! That’s what I do. I’m more technical. Hard to believe! πŸ™‚

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