Love the fight

roses and roses,
life full of roses
there is a bugger up your noses.
reality and reality
you understand that roses are a fatality.
love and peace,
peace and love,
you have to give it a shove.
reality and reality
it’s ones duty to stand up for oneself,
to talk the truth
even if it doesn’t go smooth.
just love the fight
never back down from others who want to strike.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. Hey there beautiful grandma, by the way I don’t buy the grandma thing, I’m quite sure your walking in high heels in Vegas going from casino to casino and all male eyes are on you, but thanks for the comment. I do appreciate it.
      Once in a while I sort of think….

      1. ok Charly…I fall on my face even without high heels…never been to Vegas…you sure are a s…t (sweet) talker, I’ll say that.

      2. call me Pearl, I like that name, after my little black cat check out the cerveza I am posting….something my granddaughter brought to a party once. not as bad as it sounds haha

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