The war

So since I’m addicted to Youtube, better that addiction than others, I see
a bunch of documentaries. Wich I will take notes here and there and use if for my writing.
And what this guy iw saying for me is 70% of what I think.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

P.S. I’ll give you later a love poem, I know you are waiting for it….


    1. I found it true, adrenaline calmness when you are in a chaotic world, but I did say I agree with the guy 70%, and I don’t remember exactly all he said but when he said something about being afraid sometimes, it was not my case, I just went out thinking and accepting I was going to die one of those days, and then I was at peace and do my job better, a bit crazy I know, but that was me, I did said was in the past term

      1. what you say is true, I think we adapt to r situation at any given time, it is what it is. everyone is going to die…what counts is the living we do.

      2. That sounds like a great slogan, but I’m a fuck up, most of my guys were and still are and we did what we wanted to do, no hero if not it will equal zero, normal people just doing a job that I will admit that the rest of the population won’t do but in their heads is their job and at that moment in time is what they want to do.
        Got it granny?

      3. If you’re talking me abut sending the kids of politicians to war, wich I’m guessing it’s what you’re talking about I think that no, it is not vietnam, it is an all volunteer army and you don’t get into the infantry to sit around and just shoot a couple of rounds here and there, we wanted to go to war is the bottom line. I know it sounds weird to people but that’s it. You might also get a bunch of spoiled college students, not that they all are, and send them, wich in effect if the moral is low it wouldn’t be a good fighting force.
        But no, who ever joins is because of their own individual decision so later on don’t bitch about it. I hate those idiots.

      4. no, I’m talking about reinstating the draft… know the US military is all volunteer, but other countries have mandatory service which is as it should be. I thought you are in Spain.

      5. I am in Spain unless I have gone a bit nutty and went to the North Pole, but yes I’m in Spain and by the age of 16 I got my draft “notice”, I prolonged the thing because I was studying, and later on, I think it was in 1996, they decided to get out of drafting people and make it a volunteer army.

      6. volunteer forces are better than depending on forced service.. during the war they used to give a choice of prison or army sometimes.. its always better to work out of choice rather than requirement.

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