o, danny boy

O, Danny boy
everyone thought you were O.K

O, Danny boy
You always played

O Danny Danny……
we miss you
that is true
we had always love you

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. Awe that’s my Pa’s name and his Pa used to sing it to him and my brother’s name is Danny. I love Eva Cassidy’s’ rendition of this song. I played it at my Pa’s memorial. Love this post

      1. Oh I will. I heard a commercial about frosted ale. At they end they said keep it frosty and it reminded me of you πŸ™‚ I’ll look that up.

      2. Don’t look it up.
        Stay Frosty- Stay calm, colected, think on your feet, and put all your training to use in an effective matter to terminate your opponent.

      3. OH very good. You should make that a quote on your blog! I like it a lot! With your name below! Just in case someone looks it up it will be attributed to you! πŸ™‚ If you want help I’ll make one for you!

      1. My family comes from Finland. Immigrated to America landed in Wisconsin. I was born in Chicago. Then he was transferred to Fort Arkansas that’s where I grew up. Then I moved to Tulsa, OK I’ve been here ever since. πŸ€—

      2. France, Switzerland, Marroco, England, Ireland, U.S, then two other little places I would prefer to not name since I was there doing a job not in vacation, and Italy also, and I probably forgot one or two more if you can believe it. Germany comes to mind, and that’s it until I fucked up. Now I’m stuck in a little town full of guess what? Marrocans!!!! And there is quite the tension between me and them.

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