My new girlfriend

You are beautiful
Another word would be wonderful

You never let me down
So I never feel like a clown

You never talk to me back
And that is quite whack!

You’re my new girlfriend
A listener, hot, and a real friend

Did you say something?…. Damn that was a weird one.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



      1. I’m great. Had an amazing weekend.. Went to Chicago on Friday night a baseball game Saturday and a lovely relaxing Mother’s Day yesterday.. xo

      2. It was Rockstar. Feels good to attend a function sans booze and other imbibers:) Also it was Star Wars night and we got to see lots of random storm troopers walking around. Xo

      1. What happened was an error when I upgraded to .blog, all corrected now. Read my newest post about how shitty soldiers are being treated. It’s appalling! I know your not in US but it should light you fire. Now…if you saving the fire bellow for you beautiful girlfriend, don’t read until you already pissed off. See how sensitive I am to your needs.

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