Strange thought

Why do you make the bed if you’re going to mess it up later on?

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



  1. I’m a bed maker, not OCD bed maker, but a tidier-upper bed maker. If there’s a day I’ve been kinda lax making the bed, I have a quirk where I straighten the sheets and blanket right before I get under the covers. Oh well.

    1. But what is the point in making the bed when you wake up if you’re goin to dismantle the whole thing when you come back at nigh? I just don’t see the point, maybe I’m the weird one…..

      1. You are a weird man….. you can say that, I’m trying to put a freaky yellow face winking but with my screw up computer I cant, so wink! wink! I’m wiiiiiinking!
        Still, yo weir bortha….wink

        P.S. I saw my mother making bed and I have always thought…what the hell is the point of it, plus you forgot the pillows, why so many people have so many pillows? You’re just gonna use one or two, so what is the point of having 5 pillows in the bed?

      2. My children are divided. Two of them make beds. The other two subscribe to your philosophy. Agree with you about the pillow tho!!

        Have a good Monday.

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