Sweet caroline!!!

sweet Caroline
you are mine…….
shit, that is my mother i had the wrong picture
i’m just that kind of strange creature
so here we go
to the detox center
fuck it i hate that retard-ter
for me
for her
for everybody
so i don’t feel like a lost soul of somebody

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



      1. Charly, there is no failure, get up and make your mind will your way to steps ahead in life that may bring you joy. Your never a loser to me. This shit is hard, been there a couple times, sucks but at 53 that burden is behind me. A your getting PTSD help?
        Big Hugs

      2. No PTSD, if your talking about army days, I don’t believe in that, either you do good with you life or you fuck it up, latter is mine, appreciate the comment but at the same time I know what I did, I know what I do know and I’ll give you a quote I read some time ago and wrote it in a piece of paper “wich I lost, the saying so here goes mine, in war good people get better and bad people get worst” Thats my own saying so we better start praying

      3. I didn’t like hitting the button, needed to get your attn. I don’t believe you were born to be among the ‘worst’. Yes, were talked about what’s gone down or in your body. I’ve made that mistake many times. The only difference is you have different experiences than me, that suck, traumatic. I look at mine for what they are, I’m 53 your mid 30’s, a bit more time between me digging out of those holes. Let’s quit talking in public. You feel you can talk to me and I like talking with you. Let’s do it in private! I’ve offered before. Take the offer this time, msandorm@verizon.net. I talk to many thru em because who wants their shit left on WP.
        EM me, I’m your cyber friend and you need to talk.
        Hugs & a kick in the ass.

      4. You think I forgot to write on paper your email? Nope do dope, but reall is not all that public since I doubt people wlll read it, and you are not 23 you said? Helll yeeeah!
        I have your email on my little writing pad so no, I did not forget. Is jut a cuestion of time.

      5. I had no way of knowing if you kept or not Charly. Don’t be angry with me. I’m offering, you don’t have to take. I will talk with you here anytime. I said I was 53 and you were in your 30’s, isn’t that correct. 33-35?
        I’m thinking of you and you are a winner to me. Hope the day comes when you feel the same. Your to good looking to stay single, get challenges behind, find nice lady friend to stand by you. I’m not talking marriage, co-mingling without having to pay for it. Maybe that’s not true and part of your writing style.

      6. love ya to, 23 wasn’t such a sexy or pleasant time for me. 28-38 good times because Alcoholic, life of party and made shit load of money. Mental illness drugs, heart problems and now Lyme, not a good mix with booze. I quit 7-8 yrs ago. Miss a good glass of wine or margarita but I’ll have to wait until the all well signal is blown.
        Heads Up!

      7. From your mouth to my ears, I agree except the true love thing, it’s out there and it may be more than one. I married at 18, 30 & 40. I played house at 18, didn’t last long. Second together 13 years, loved him, not in love. My husband has stood beside me when no one on earth would have. I’ve been sick for six yrs, total caregiver for my grandparents, not home much for 7 years. Add Mental Illness on that and it can really suck sometimes. I like your quotes!! Keep looking and set your standards high.

      8. So you saw the “about” page…. can I ask what mental illness you have, you obviously don’ t have to respond in public, although I doubt anybody is traking our conversation, and I’m glad you found a man that loves you and supports you. That I like, seeing people good.

      9. Take a look at my About page, pretty ugly. It’s a snapshot of history not the road of my future.
        You are quite a man Charly. My mental illness Treatment Resistant Bipolar Disorder, PTSD, Anxiety, who knows. When it sucks I want to die, I try hard to avoid that. It requires a trip to hospital and ECT Treatments. No fun.
        I have talked openly with the exception of two topics, maybe someday. Closed lips for now.

      10. I’m riding high, get a top doctor, take meds, no prob. Severe trauma like both of by grandparents took me to the depths beyond depression, 24/7 all you want it to die. I know ECT works I don’t hesitate to go. I haven’t been in hospital in 5 yrs.
        Look at your words Charly, You’ll be ok, I think the disorder can change for the better if you will. You have a controllable DISEASES. You can get better, it hurts, drives your crazy, makes you means, then change can take place. I’ll never give up on you.

      11. And I appreciate that you will never give up on me, it’s good to know even if I don’t know you personally that someone out there cares.
        And about your strugles, you can beat them

      12. I hope you had a chance to see my Warrior eye. There is a natural bad ass in me. When you fight you life and come out of top, a Warrior feeling comes you. I decided it didn’t depect who I was at heart. A nice looking eye. I will get brave enough someday to show my photo. I believe the photo will depict 53 not 23. I’m still a rebel.
        I’ll be home late in afternoon. Maybe you’ll have a post or comments to read.

      13. Hi Charlie
        No need to say sorry, shit happens. My surgery went well with no stay over night. I have some photos to show in my next Lyme Report.
        Do something good for yourself, do something good….simple, no cost or little, she will smile so big, hug you and you will feel love overflowing in your heart.

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