Time for war

This is my time to fuck up the marrocans in my town, or they fuck up me, either way we’re going.



      1. Yep, got it there. I live in a small towm in Spain, full of Marrocans fcukers, they get my social security benefits and the rest the government gives you and I will take advantage of that and the fuckers I see with the social worker are the same I see selling drugs later on in my town, in my country, they even have more things from the State that us Spaniards, and I paid my taxes in quite a good way, if you count spending and almost dying for this fucked up country when in the military so yes, fuck these a holes, specially when I’m going home and one give me a smack on the head, I did have my computer in my backpack so I did told him to hold on there, wich there means a place where you put bets on, got me? So after I left the compter in the so called safe zone of my room I just went out to get the guy, and he was lost, I’ m stilll looking for him though, the other Maroocans look at me and they do say it’s me and him they are not gonna get involved, so the stupid fuck head is a bitch, by the way the other did see me kick the shit out of another, no fear my friend, and I’m sure I’m really wrong but once you cross me that is it, at least in this fucking town, gotta earn the respect

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