No comment…. you have one?

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

P.S. Damn I see too many military motivational videos, but they do give me an idea
to write in my cool yellowish notebook



  1. Peace be with u dear bro!
    I am not here to bother u or anyone..
    But I am so sad really because some people all over the world do not that IsIs is not representing islam
    Islam is not IsIs…
    Here in my country we have muslims and christians and we are one family we love each other..
    Isis came to Egypt and killed some christians but these events had no effect on the christians here …I mean they still love muslims and they know that islam is peace.
    The wars of prophet Mohammed were not for the sake of killing people..
    If u read the islamic history u will know the reason for them.
    But let’s reverse it…
    How many muslims are killed now all over the world ?
    Thousands are killed my friend in Palastine Iraq…in Minamar…in Afghanstan…in India….in US…
    But who cares?
    Terrorism is not islamic my friend..
    If u do not believe me go to the utube and search for the crimes of the military forces of US in Iraq in the gulf war…but no one cares about muslims…
    I hope that u will not be angry again..we are just talking my friend and I am talking beacause I am so sad .
    Allah is the Arabic translation of God …it is not a bad word believe me.
    I love Jesus and I believe in him as a prophet from God …
    Islam is not Isis
    And George push is not Christianity…

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