Hey ladies!! You look good on the dance floor

Late at night
you wouldn’t say your hight,
or high or that you where so bright
move to your left and right,
i’m right
moving your ass
moving your breast
you are beautiful. In my behest.
I know you do your best.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



      1. I should thanks, but I feel that if I start to play around with the widgets and gadgets I will screw up this basic blog, I’m terrible with computers I need someone to do it for me

    1. I don’t know but what you just said made me hungry so tell me when you’re going to make it and invite me over for a good meal while we watch some ladies in the dance floor or listen to this one

    1. Specially if your dancing with her, hey I just read that poem of mine and It didn’t come out all that bad I think, obviously not like the other well read and working on their writing every day, but sort of came out good

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