6 word story

My dog has gone completely nuts

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. You love her and that’s most important. Your love for her and your mother shows me how capable you are of deeply loving someone. There are several loves in life, not all become wives.
    Photos of surgery soon!!!!!!!!

      1. Love is in the air……I hope your talking about your heart feeling love for yourself or a nice woman who is not a negative influence. That’s the hard part when you’re battling a demon-no negative people in life.
        I’m only showing the “thing” implanted two years ago and the “thing” gone and only bruises left. Nothing gross. Now My first selfie this morning may not be what you’re looking for either but It’s Tuesday and I’m alive!

      2. You bet I am, and every day I get stronger, meaning with this alcohol addiction, but what in the world happen? I wasn’t like that 10 years ago, now I sound like a little girl

      3. You not a little girl, you’re an educated man with an addition who wants a different life. I know you have passion for life, alcohol addiction is something some people have to work on for life. I don’t go to meetings but forced to keep in check due to all the meds I take.
        !0 years ago I was a different person, a drunk and the picture wasn’t pretty. Breaking addiction is a battle and many people don’t ask for Recovery help and not fall down. There is lots of falling down. Think of how strong your backbone, determination and zest for life and love would fell.
        Is alcohol the only problem?
        You are a strong man and will kick or learn to control your drinking. Before I still enjoy a full body red wine, grappa and Mexican food with margaritas. I can get drunk and not drink again for years. It’s not my determination not to drink, it’s the need to not add alcohol to all the additive drugs I take. My mental health and possibly my life could be in danger.
        I sound like……your mother? a caring friend? a crazy person who keeps writing you?
        I took my first and last selfie and may unveil this week! You will know I’m not 23 and probably not what you think I look like!

  2. Charly
    Think your ready for my first & last selfie? I’m working on my last award before going Award Free. It’s from a good friend, thought she would laugh her ass of with a selfie. Nobody knows what I look like today. I did look several years younger before Lyme. Oh well, it’s what’s inside the heart that matters.

    1. My guess is that is what in your mind that matters, I could care less what people think, if I’m ugly, stupid, or whatever else. I’m good with myself.
      Hold on……… is going to be a naked selfie!!!!!

      1. Charly, I apologize.
        there are many things I’ve said and questions answered that you business and not place to ask. I don’t want to turn into the nag, hag email you don’t want to receive. I enjoy talking you with everyday but maybe I’ve over stepped a line. You have to tell me.
        I’m very comfortable with myself, it’s hard to come so close to dying and not be thankful. I care what I think about myself, very little about what others think I look like, fat, skinny, whatever. In your famous works, fuck them. I still have lots of memory problems and can’t figure this Clound crap out, no selfie this time. The nest time I’m inclined. That is the reason I use the eye, it goes with the name but most important I want what I write to matter, not some superficial BS.
        You keep telling me I smart and your stupid. One if you change your negative talk about yourself life would change easier, I know that from experience.
        Another point it, you probably have more schooling than I. Took only 9 hrs of college before diving into work. I’m common sense and street smart and proper education, whatever that is.

      2. People are ready our comments, ours are meant to email not on the Internet forever. You would not want to see what your future wife wrote or she might not like what you said.
        What is this? Telling other women followers you love them. Or to be exact, that’s why I love you.
        ????? You’re a player!

      3. Good night Charly…..Sweet dreams, if you go to church with mamma light an extra can for me and more important for you.
        When have you not heard what’s on my mind? Where is Spain, been to Madrid, the Prado called my name.

      4. Born in Madrid? I had a great time there, to bad it was only a week. The Siesta thing is cool until your starving and can’t get food!
        I live in Texas, so we’re what, 5-6 hours time zone difference?
        Everything is bigger in Texas. That’s a famous saying here, like Howdy, your momma and them, only hillbillies say that one. Born, Raised and tough chick when younger. From 9-13 years. I had a dealer boyfriend, no problems getting special request. Tough times, tons of scars.

      1. Being a Leader in the Blog world!!!! You don’t have to participate. It’s a huge part because my Blog is going Award Free. You get over 100 awards, it looks like your bragging.
        Haven’t you received an Award for? If you haven’t, you need to do this one for me. You have to say nice things about the person who gave you the Award!!!!!

      2. That would be great if you could do nice things for me. I would rather you do nice things for you. Which you are, I like that.
        When get an award you tell who gave you the award and say nice things about them.
        If you’re in-house recovery which it sounds like. Skip the award! You getting stronger is the most important wall to get over.

      3. None, I know that they say that you can get anxious when you see people drinking, is not my case. I get anxious by myself and I drink by myself. I can be with a bunch of people like the other day all drinking and smoking joints and I’m drinking a bottle of water. So that is not my case.

      4. Actually it was not water, I love NESTEA, I don’t know if you have it there in Texas. I know you shoot guns, you probably shoot guns better than I do, here in Spain we don’t have gun ranges, I only picked it up in the military. And don’t you think that I don’t remember….. In a comment you said way before you said that you were with a drug dealer so the things were good if you wanted something, I was a drug dealer, I know that world.

      5. One of the first times you contacted me, you told me you had a drug problem. Clean now? That world is crazy. No trusting anyone and always have your gun. I was 12 yrs old. I ran from the cops after sawing halt, they all knew me, trying to reconcile shooting a kid, I was confidetv

      6. My best feature is my face! I talk with my hands all the time, maybe Italian blood. If the conversation is good I smile a lot, my looks overall are normal for a 53 yr old. You haven’t played in the senior league. You a young buck with a few issues, get help, stay on help and their are few issues which we all have.

      7. A girlfriend or close friend? There’s a saying women get there Gove on in the 50’s and men start losing there’s in their 30’s. I don’t know how true. I dated a great guy before I got married who was 20 years younger. After 7 months, his drinking made him mean and say bad things to me. I said pack your stuff.
        We’re friends today.

      8. Not my case, is a long story how I met her though so I won’t go into that, but I will say that I was basically a gigollo, whe paid to go for good restaurants, she drove a good car, she gave me money, and more.

        But, I got a explanation as to why some women react to me in that manner. Wich I won’t tell you since it would take the fun out of it, but look at you and why are you telling me all these things. love ya

      9. C I have bits of why, if I remember you loved her but she was a negative when you were breaking more than booze. I’m sure it’s much more.
        I want to know, ‘why some women react’ for sure want to know. I’m not fucking with you, we’re cyber friends
        Do you not want hear more about me, you said you did want to know about me. It sounds like I need to my questions light and noyn

      10. I just want to have a fun here and there, up and down, but you do realise that I will not that I have to, but willingly I will comment on the rest of a lot of comments in some cases.
        You want to have fun….lets keep it simple then, what rhymes with orange?

    1. Shower is best choice even if you had money. Find you a nice girlfriend when you get some issues worked out. I wouldn’t touch a lady or man of the night, no matter who many rubbers used.
      Talk about feeling old, I’ve never used a condom? Long term relationships and ignorance is why.

    1. The email thing is complicated since all the posts come into the inbox so it means that in a day the inbox will be filled with 1000 plus posts and to find emails intermingle between all those posts is hard, plus there are other issues with the inbox wich are hard to explain I would have to show you. I tried getting another account but is not working, plus I’m a bit of an old fashion guy, I’d rather give a call or receive calls, I don’t have messenger, nor wassap, and obvioulsly not the one that you can see the other person on the screen. I’m a caveman when it comes to technology, but sooner or later I’ll have to catch up with all those gadgets out there.

      1. Charly
        I have a secret to fixing your email issues. Email can’t drive the car or pull you around by nose ring. I’ll tell you how. I have learned to be pretty handy at fixing problems with computers, none have blown an engine yet!

      2. Are you able to get a free AOL or Gmail account? Check them at their internet sites and work on email issues. They can drive you crazy. When I had no memory,100% cold turkey with the worst withdraw, I made changes to my computers and when memory started to come back I had lock myself out of all but one computer. It sucked.
        Let’s see how I can help.
        You can buy me a soda or a piggyback ride thru a park! That would be so funny. Hell your to skinny now, get meat on those bones.

      3. I like the silly house back ride so much better. We would laugh our asses off until you drop me on my head. I have to live!!!!
        I came so close to dying, still very sick but my sense of whats free and funny has come back. Money can’t buy everything.
        People are reading the post and like it when I say Fuck Me! People don’t even know me.

    2. I know how to fix your email issue! Easy my friend. I miss the day of letter writing, phone calls and surprise visits. The world was passing me by. Now I have to many computers and a Smartphone. I rarely talk on phone, answer Twitter likes, not near as many since I changed my focus to Charities only.

      1. I’m going to find your email tomorrow and give ideas on how to stop 1000 a day.
        It’s 4:19 am here, I have Restless Leg and it’s impossible to sleep unless take double the pain pills which I’m not willing to do. My doctor hates email so I usually have to blast him a second one. I haven’t been sleeping 3-5 hours a day and my brain can tell. My memory is worse and my balance is way off. I feel off a 3 step ladder twice in five minutes. Like I said I’m a do it yourself kind of person.

      2. Well, then we are two, we both have trouble sleeping, wich is a bitch by the way, I just stare at the ceiling and smoke one cigarette after another until the sun rises, or I also read….. while smoking cigarettes that is.

    1. My man! Kendall the Fergussen, nice to hear from you, I still read your blog by the way, but how in the world a person can manage reading so many blogs?
      Appreciate you took the time to pass my crazy blog, the comment, and you were the first one or at least one of the first ones to follow me and gave me some hope about my crazy writing, so that trust me I don’t forget. God Bless sir.

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