can’t sleep so I listen to the irish

Fuck me, tomorrow I will be in detox and in the criss cross.
So is almost 3 a.m in Spain and I’m listening to these crazy Irish,
what’s with these dudes?…. Just a late thought anyways so who cares.




      1. Nope, I’m not going to write about that “thing” It does say creative writing on the tags, I mix it here and there, but I prefer the creative thing

    1. Peace and love, hey! I’m a hot head red blooded Spaniard……. I can deal with those guys, but it was a good song, and that listenting with my earphones at three a.m, so that is quite of strange

    1. I don’ t drink anymore, but the Irish… I like those songs, go figure at 3 or 4 a .m, couldn’t sleep, as a mater of fact I think the other 3 roomates either after I put that song

      1. Old age…… you’re now on the best part of your life, your wiser, you have kids, although I call kids monsters, anyways I was gonna ramble on, so one point, I hope one day I too have a familly that I can provide. Hope….

  1. Charly
    How did I miss this post? A year in the eye….you said you don’t drink anymore, damn I knew you could battle the demon. It will taught you in the beginning. Over time it may not cross you mind. I proud of you. You mentioned roommates, is this support in-house?
    I’m sending you a Big Hug!

    1. I don’t know what you mean by support in house, I guess you mean something kind of house to help addicts? If that is the case no, is just a room to rent with three others in the house.

      1. Oh, thought momma was keeping an eye on you! How long been living in the new place? That’s a great first step. You wrote the other day ‘You Don’t Drink’ truth, no support, when is the last time you had a drink?

      2. Fuck you, wha
        t do you think about that, we have trust right? you comment on a lot so it’s trusts, so you had a drug dealer punk? Good,I might be the next one you got, you got it!!!!!!!!
        Play for play I might mistake in the take but there is no cake

      3. C
        Email if you like, you’ll still push me away. I am not being nosey, just interested. Learning people. I’ve not talked with many and it’s it’s about Mental Illness.
        Please remember, I came close to dying, walking is still a gamble. I fell today. My cognitive skills are greatly effected. I can’t even pick up inflection. No excuse, letting you know how sick I am.

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