the working man

I’m not Einstein
Yet I’m not frighten

I just put food on the table
For my people to stay a bit stable

I feel proud of what I do
I provide to you….yes you people,
without the plumber you would hit a bummer

I’m not rich I’m not poor
I provide services to society to outgrowth

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



      1. I’m going to meet as of right now with my cool friend very cool friend I said very cool friend….. the guy that gives you “sweets”, actually he is here right now

      2. not at all, i’m quite the character, but I do know something, I know how to write, I like doing it, this is my passion, and I might be a screw up in many other ways and I still have to work a lot on my writing skills but they are there, the talent is there

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