I’m insane

I’m insane
in the membrane
dirty dirty party marty
i love a women’s honey
look right
you got a Jesus might
what you got
i’m insane
and i have just drowned in rain…..of tears
screw that,
that is wearing a blue hat
blue like the sky
yes i’m high

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



      1. I did, just got home. They put me on more tranquilizer pills than anybody can take I think, told the medic that after three or four days I started to get very anxious that leads me to be a bit agressive to say the least, but not towards the people I love, I just go out walking around the town expecting someone to push that trigger and then of goes my bullet, quite cathardic really, specially when you are dealing with “not the best of each house”, just drug dealers and the people that surrounds that world, you know well would be my guess, so I just go after them, kind of strange, no wonder more than half of the town wants to kill me, since the town I live in is not the best you could say

  1. Charly………
    Bold Bawled group. You look fucked up and skinny. A major step is deciding if going to take meds which are needed for now and not drink or drink and fuck off meds. Don’t go together.
    Don’t break mamma’s heart by overdosing on some shady street after a fight. PTSD, you say no, I say something has you so pissed off. Get a therapist Charly.
    I’m going to have to drag myself over there and kick you in the ass. You give up so easy, what happened to the I’m stronger everyday, I’m alive inside guy. You’re in their, work on the issues honestly and new man is in you.
    I know…..Fuck off!

    1. That picture I had it in the “media” section wich it should be one year old or so, now I’m fat like a cow.
      By the way did you ended the comment with “fuck off”……. damn, that was kind of sexy actually

      1. C
        Ok. The new Shakespeare even cooler. Time will tell. I would not thin a post with every other line saying Fuck You is on the creative side. I wouldn’t know I just post and write the best I can. No Amazon books for me or creative writing. I’m sticking to what I learned in Journalism call.
        Who, What, When and Why.

      2. Well, the blog it is called “crazy life”, did you see the last two post’s? I’m DEEEEEEP!!!!
        You evil woman, you don’t see the genious in me

      3. C
        I feel a lot of thing for you, I’m not an evil woman. I seen all your post. The one where you said you don’t drink, I want to believe it’s true. I read a comment that gave me the impression. I haven’t met you, many truths come out when eye to eye. Crazy Life is a good but genius? I’ll have to talk with you longer to deter about.
        C, I know you have potential for deep love. Maybe you’re looking to hard and in the right places. One line is beautiful germs, the next I’m a evil woman.

      4. I got to tell you that you are comming up like to deep, I already have my fucked up life and hear what I got to hear or basically I choose what I want to hear. So I’m not saying anything bad on you, It’s just a bit overwhelming to answer so many comments so long specially when I get home after surviving that’s all. I hope you don’t take care of it as bad, I tried to listen to you and respond to you in a good manner, but sometimes people go a bit off the top.

      5. No, just working a lot as a gardener, and yes it’s 35 degrees celcious I spend quite a lot of time in gardens so I’m beat when I get home, so sorry I couldn’t answer you earlier

      6. I understand. Do you ever go over to Toledo? It’s is a town that is stepped in history. The bridge you take shows all the places cannon ballers hit. The is the most amazing door, it was the keep the bad guys out in case of ware. It’s hand cared, you can see the damage from war or wars. Quaint town, easy to lost in for me. I walked over and the trek is long but worth every step.
        Take a photo of you doing something you like other than smoking, or kissing your dog. Where do you go to unwind.

      7. Their are many others talents. When you find love again, you’ll share and so will they because you want to soak it all in. It’s like infatuation, wildly in love good days.
        The person you love will open a closed heart.

      8. C
        I’m sure that a long story you don’t want to share. I believe in love & lust, both are apart of love. Either you don’t want because of damage done, want who you loved before or waiting till a brick hit you for that someone special. If seeking means actively not looking and if and when it happens, that’s cool. Your a loving man, I’ve seen that much, it would be a shame to never give and receive.
        I’ve erased most of our personal comments, some look like they have to get deleted on your site. I’m searching for our first conversations which you quickly cut me off by saying you won’t talk about. No problem. The conversation was very long and personal so I’ll delate when I find.
        I see from here, a person you don’t know anything about yet we felt good for a time. Next time maybe it will feel great for a long time.

      9. I personally don’t delete comments since I have no shame, the other thing about women, I’m not made for a long term relationship. Simple. And, love ya.

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