Definition by the great Merrian Webster dictionary “mental or moral strength to venture, preserve,
and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.

Actually that is true, the thing is that people throw the word “hero” wich
basically means courage a lot. And I got to one conclusion some time ago.
You either do it or you don’t and you stand by. Simple.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


      1. love ya, I just got in a fght by the way, not cool, I can’t say it to my familly for them everything is very cool, so I tell you, a total stranger….. by the way the idiot got it good

      2. I’ll try to not get all that hurt, he got the worst of it, but he did came after me with 6 of his friends and then it was time to run

      3. I got involved with his sister, she is not all the saint she claims to be but as his older broter he figured that he could walk up to me and crush the bottle of water I was drinking so I got up and punched the guy almost knocked him out, then came 6 after me, so I can actually deal with them, I would go to the hospital but at least take a couple or three with me, problem was that the next day I was going to meet with my parents and I didn’t like the idea of appearing there with my face all messed up. I see them sooner or later, is an extremely small town and everybody knows each other so sooner or later it will come down.

      4. Anyways, I tell you what, not worth the broken nose or black eye , just let them be. Look after your life, Charly.

  1. This is the Charly I got to know almost 4 years ago. And I know you have high standards. And I know you ‘ve got courage.

    1. Courage is relative in my personal case, I can do what other people will never do when it gets to fear but I am scared when it gets to the mundane things, wich are not really mundane those are the things that keep you walking in life, I won’t specify more but I think you got what I’m saying

    1. And you are completely right, as a matter of fact the crazy ass guy in London, one of the guys who got stabbed was a Spanish guy, he saw a lady getting stabbed and he went for them with a skateboard, not kidding, so this is our national hero, for about two days and everyone forgets except their family, point being you react or you don’t.

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