1. I would to. I wanted to be a fighter pilot, after my divorce at 19 told Gramps I’m headed to Air Force. He looked at me for a long time. “you don’t like anyone telling you what to do, like up at 5 am with bed made to perfection, don’t think it’s a good idea”. He was right but it hasn’t diminished my desire to fly in a Jet, probably barf and fly in Black Hawk. The Black Bird is awesome, kick ass fighting machine and saves lives. Those pilots are tough as nails.

      1. Not sure I understand all of that. I thought you were in medical area helping to keep our guys & gals alive. I sounds like you were a fighting solider fighting the enemy and not get killed yourself.
        I respect all people in the Military. Being a hands on, assertive lady, I would want to fight. Being from Texas I know guns. Not those bad ass guns, I would love to shot them, they would throw me back and I would get right back up.
        You not answering my question about your time and tour? That’s cool. It’s not my business.
        Damn you. You make it to easy to talk to.

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