Nothing is what it seems

I look at the moon and I see light
I look at the sun and see darkness
The monster comes laughing
The fairy comes attacking
He said that she loved me
She said that he was lying
I wrote something now
I don’t know how

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



  1. Charly
    Take care of yourself, you are struggling, something simple…..I don’t know what you do other than trying to get healthy. I have a book you can read, even download an app, the Bible. Many suffered in the time of Jesus included himself most of all. Find Psalms, short stories and good motivation. I carry mine with me most of the time. I know it takes tremendous strength to do what your doing, the devil will temp you at every corner. You need someone with the strength to give you hope, learn to say I don’t drink and know in your heart, it takes a village. You have God, mamma and me, other’s I’m not sure of. You can overcome the beast.
    Huge Hugs

    1. That was the point of the poem, people will take it as whatever they want to take it.
      I do meditate by the way, I’ll say it publicly because I’ll probably write a post about it, when I go in the morning to the bathroom and do “number two” I always smoke while I’m sitting in the “throne”, and until the cigarette doesn’t finish I don’t get up of my cool “throne” and in those minutes are the best for me that giveme ideas of what to write and what happened the day befored, I don’t dwell on things that’s for sure, it’s a waste of time if you ask me, but when it comes to having ideas for writing, yes mam me sitting on the bathroom “throne” smoking, that is real meditating. Does it sound strange? It is the truth so I’m probably a bit off. Always, sit, shit,, smoke, think. The 3 s and one t.

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