1. Why do people think that I always write about me is my question, it is based on me but not all, it does say….. CREATIVE WRITING!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! That was me screaming just in case you didn’t notice

      1. I’m a visual person, don’t know you and haven’t written poetry since 13. No, I can’t pick up Creative Writing. Did you forget yesterday, my memory has been ripped away again and Lyme is beating me to death. Doctors have to almost kill you to kill the bastards. There in my brain, guess what they are eating…..brain.

      2. You do have a positive outlook on life, by the way you know when I started writing again? When I almost died and was in the hospital. The first time that is, then there has been several others that are so many I don’t even count them. Point being, write.

  1. You have a skill to take the memories and pain from those times and change them in to poetry. I don’t have that skill, at 13 the Nuns would give me poetry book to read, some made sense some didn’t. I was hanging with a room full of PHD’s and there talking to me like at their level. On the side I told myself they are being nice because they are good Catholics. I was not a prodigy or the best seller in the making, it was the first time I wasn’t told how stupid I was.

    1. For sure you are not stupid, I would be stupid thinking that you are the stupid. And actually I am quite stupid or dumb however you want to say it. Point in case, where in the hell is that selfie of yours?

      1. It’s deleted where it will stay. It’s nice to think about Hawii, been there many times. My marital status doesn’t play a factor. Someone who wrote for me in the past talked to a guy in chat room for two three years. I kept telling her she was crazy. He had been married for 30 years, hadn’t told his wife he wanted a divorce, all the cards did not stack up. Well…I was wrong, they got married four weeks ago. He moved from USA to Germany.

      2. Just people, we are strange aren’t we?
        By the way bad move from the US of the A to Germany….hell no, listen if you get the link it is in Spanish

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