Keep the wolf away

I got him out
And I was not a boy scout
Believe the thief, but
Just bow to my writing
Because in Spain is the dance of the bullfighting

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



    1. Thank you mam, I’m trying once in a while to write some kind of “nice”poetry, problem is that people actually like to hear in the form of rhyming some crazy thing that I say, not the deep stuff

      1. Absolutely.. I believe I wouldn’t be where I am today without my crazy.. Maybe crazy is offensive, or the wrong word.. Unique? Whatever the case it’s me.. And you are you.. xo

  1. Don’t mess with my wolves, I have a fascination with wolves. Here we have Cyoties ( damn on on window and can’t find spell check)
    where I live they in the neighbor hood to find something to eat. We have Bobcats, so quite yet they are bigger than I thought. I had one come to my front flower garden, at first was completely shocked me. Then I got so into there ability to climb trees. He crossed the street and outstretched his/her arms up the tree, it was huge. I felt like on Safari. I lived less than a mile from here before marrying. There was a creek, mostly dry, I would walk it during the day and take photos. The coolest thing was in the middle of winter and ground was covered in snow I got pretty close to watch them jumping on the snow following what they were having for lunch. I have a love for many animals.

    One’s I will kill are spiders, snakes, Lizard Monitor and Taz Devil.

    Where are you, lighting candles at Church with mamma and hopefully staying for lunch so she can fatten you up some.

    1. O.K……. first of all where you live is a scary place so remember me not to go near those crazy animals, second of all there is no mama this weekend but I did buy some things for her, third….is not cool to kill spiders, snakes, lizzards and a Taz Devil, not cool at all!!! You don’t have a heart….

      1. I liked the photo of you with your mother. You look like a respectable man, not a punk. I’m glad you bought her some gifts, it will make her happy. Did you go to mass, light at least one candle? I think asking about confession is out of the question. I hane some nice Rosaries. I wear them like necklaces at tines. What kind do you have. 🙂 🙂 M

      2. I don’t know how my animals are scary and it’scnot cool to kill the other. A Taz woul chew your leg of before you knew what was happening. Don’t go to New Zealabor the small they live on. A Monitor Liard can get longer than crocs and their spit is venom. They bite a Wildabeast and it doesn’t die right away, slowly over days. The Lizard just follows you until you fall and then time to chow.

      3. Tell me I don’t have a heart. I’m awake, have an early doctor’s appt and didn’t get to talk. If I think to hard I’ll assume where & what, it won’t feel good. But as I said during our married state fight, you’re not married to me.You’re soft & gentle with me, much better than mean, cussing each other and you saying I’m out.

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