A soldiers story

I couldn’t say it best myself. 1 minute 22 seconds of what we really think, don’t care wich army
you are in, but those who know this is 100 % truth. By the way is 2 a.m and is about
100 degrees, so is hard to sleep so leads me to watch this….and a porn. Fucking hot.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



  1. Hearts and Minds came originally from Vietnam if I remember. It was a film. Did you know I was a military shrink for twenty? years Ten of those years treating only active duty men with violence issues. I loved my job.

    1. I remember that you did mention it. Hey, I might have left two neurons but they work quite well. And it is impossible that you remember that phrase from Vietnan since you went even born yet, you’re welcome for the compliment. A shrink…… It doesn’t really matter wich war you fight would be my guess, still screws you up in one way or another. This is good I’m talking to a shrink, normally I drive them crazy and don’t want to hear from me again, go figure…. By the way I did notice that90% of pshychologist are women, and they are all hot, hotie did hot, what’s that about? I can’t stop flirting with them, no wonder they don’t want to see me, I’m incomprehensible

    1. Try to find a whore in that place, yes normally as he said we are loud, a lot of profanity comes out of our beautiful mouths, obnoxious, dark sense of humour, and all that creates unit cohesion wich is key for unit morality. Just military psychology for ya in one sec.

    1. I disagree with respect, I got two neurons and they do the work of millions……..so you are actually commenting on another comment I guess, I really don’t read the comments normally.
      Smarter than you think, but is also good to be underestimated

    2. By the way I just realised that when I wrote that comment to you I was not in the perfect frame of mind to say the least, maybe it was the whiskey talking. So I apologise about the dumb thing I commented.

      1. No problem. Hey – maybe we need to make car bumper stickers that say, “Don’t drink and blog!” Oh well, I tried to make a joke out it….

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