reader discretion is advised (over 18)

Look my name up in the dictionary…..

That was kind of scary
i just got married to a whore
so we all can score
just doing a service
to humanities disservice
and i found out as she said that my dick
is the size of a baseball stick
i’ll be quick
i have to eat pussy of course
so ladies please
let your own heart at ease to…. hurt, suck, get stuck, and squirt with a smirk.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


One comment

  1. I hope you’re feeling better, gave you no benefit to explain. I’m hurting for talking to you that way. I got scared I was far into something wonderful. I’m not giving up until we talk, if you want to throw me in a pile with others, like whores. I’ll walk away, my heart not the same. No matter how mad you are if Heart is true, you can’t just stuff it down and say you didn’t have feelings deeper by the day. You have a temper and I can to. Usually I’m a slow burn, mad at myself letting my thoughts getting away. I didn’t walk away from your wrath and test, we argued and came closer. If you are true to your word, not speaking to me again, I think it will short change both of us. If it’s true, I will always wish you the best, words spoken, bird nest and a poem. I hope you understand my voice, how speaking, I’m sorry.

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