the preperation

i had prepared
some good thit
so that i could hold and spit
money was in my mind
to let see the blind
since i’m in my own world of operation
prepare…. That what i do in one or two on nation
bug, normally my stile
i just waik in that long old style
and ..get a stallion? yep.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



  1. Please give me your email or email
    Me, we can’t leave with it like this. I’m hurting to. Don’t shut me out without saying everything you’ve been thinking. I’ll share my heart & accountability , you share your heat, the Charly I like. Don’t slam the door the second time I make you mad. You have to understand. I need you to tell me from you heart where we go from here. I’m a literal person, sometimes a flaw others not. I know you can write me an email, that isn’t broken. Don’t slam the door on me and not come back. Remember the sweet words you shared with me, where did they go. I don’t believe they all went away because you are mad at me. Some people can do that, I’m not built that way. I will not continue writing, I’ll know I’m dead to you.

      1. I knew you had a sense of humour, quite strange mine so………. I’m just writing to you without even listening to this girl that is talking and talking and…more talking, what is up with women?
        I got the answer, when I become the president of the universe i will make all women mute, and some men also……althout that might include me so….juste the women, you do have to discriminate unfortunately, and descreminate is not the word, the word is choose one thing over another. Great wisdom here

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