fuck those days…. plus god

Today is earth day, tomorrow is mothers day… by the way did you hear about fathers day? Nope.
The next month will be earth month, the other month will be lesbian day…… Jeeeesus Christ

God forgive me for the cursing
but you do have to be a bit understanding
the blog it is called crazy life
i might as well buy a wife…..

Kingdom of God
He will judge
He even might have a grudge
Fortunately HE is the supreme judge

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



  1. God is the Supreme Leader with keys to the gates. God forgives. He sent his only son to die for OUR sins. So that we may be forgiven. You’re walking the tightrope. God is all knowing, including what is in your heart. God sees if you have perfect contrition.

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