Summer storm

After days of deadly heat
working in different gardens
sweating cascades over my body
thinking what a great career i have as a nobody
comes the rain
the famous summer storm
it hits you quick
and then lives you there

staring, thinking, without blinking i think to myself,
“Yes, just life”.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



      1. This one is for you, read it when you can and want, it is called Gradmama and is going to come out now with not preperation wich is how I like it

      2. be back soon, I have a appointment at 1, I thought it was earlier. I love the poem…yes I agree writing in the “flow” brings out good stuff…. ๐Ÿ™‚

      3. I know japaneese, and korean you are wierd, I might be talking or writing to a man that is whatever, who knows with this internet thing, point being is this one and do not ask but i don’t have a gun

      4. this is true…caution is good. I don’t have one either, sold them all to a auctioneer…. japanese and korean would be hard to learn I think but maybe not…the thing is I don’t want my brain to get lazy haha

      1. Your welcome. I hope you have received my three emails to your yahoo address. Some understanding comes over me. Please let me know you received, my mail may be wigging out again.
        I’ve been reading several 2014 post, very interesting. Read about your achieved bucket list. You have an interesting perspective and crazy life.

      2. Thank you again, I will try to look to your three emails, are you sure there are three or three hundred?…. Sorry, but you are getting a bit off here

      3. Believe it’s just three with special attention on subject line. Hope it will make it helps. I had no idea you had to to Internet cafe for connection. So much we don’t know about each other.
        You can always email me first and then you’ll have no problem finding the email. Good idea I think. Maybe I’ll wake to your words.

      4. Try? To me try means if I get around to it. Or do you mean try to find it among the hundreds you have? I sent a reply on how to solve your email issue. The time spent making the changes is nothing compared to your crammed inbox.
        Listen, please. Take some stress off, you don’t need to pack more on yourself.

      1. Hey there, I’m still here would you talk to me about…… you know how a good cow meatt is done? That would be a good conversation, by the way I went off the rail agai so I’ m high in the ligh in sky….who the fuck cares point being, what is the best food that you like?

      2. I know, trying to fix that thing. So the midwest so I suppose you shoot cows or some things like that, I did see it in the cowboy movies so do not tell me is not truth

      3. But I do know how you get your beef…… mexy!!!!!
        Doing good today, every day as you know is a struggle, I do smoke more joints, seems those green things tell me to raid the fridge and then go to sleep..
        But I do know, again, how you get your beef, you wonder woman

  1. C
    Go to Reader, manage followers and change all to reader except those you absolutely want to receive. It has cut my emails down significantly and with reader it’s much easier to like or comment. It would make your email manageable.

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