Just another soldier

belive me if you read me
i don’t know why
but the bitch said hi…..
just trying to humanize the thing
Heroes, Bravery, sexuality? I can also be a hero, with a zero,
you don’t go through that type of thing with saints.

I like this guy actually, at least what he says.
Me being a former soldier that is with ease and pease and a snack
i just saw a rat.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



    1. Yassy, having been in there in some sort or situationn, I would please adk to not laugh,
      fuking punk….ha ha , what the fuck is that you stupid biitch, have some respect for these men, since my respect to you is gone,
      you little biitch, out you go, you want to piss me off more I willl smack you, you stupid dumb shit, have respecet. I know you can’t do it, but if you where a guy I would smak the shit out of you, and that you can believe.
      How many punks out there I have to hit? Yaaaaaaasy even your fucking name wants me to hit you. Respect, specially for these persons.

      1. I did not laugh Charly. I came to comment and my Internet gave way and I come back to see this. Thank you very much.

  1. I know that you saw too much over there and I’m grateful to you and other soldiers who fight for us all. And I guess you ex soldiers never get your normal life back, meanwhile we others, keep on living ours.

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