I have no internet, fuck!

That is me so you can see
i´m writing from a ¨cool¨ internet cafe
i got no music
only the spanish television that is static
meaning is boring
i´m just swearing
who would have thought
on that
no internet
and i feel like killing Alfonso the great
holding him by the neck that is a wreak.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. I just got it back, my “beautiful” landlord did connect the freaking thing that connects the internet, after that is that I was going crazy at 7 a.m and telling her, yep, it is a she, quite good looking by the way, and yep, I did have sex with her….. why do I say this things outloud? I have no filter, point being it seems last night she got a bit mad with me and disconected the router, but now I have my cool internet and not to go running around to these fucked up internet caffes, wich it is not a caffe and the computers are older than your grandma, this is my town……. in Spain.
      By the way “sex line stories” I’ll check it out now!!!

      1. good for you getting a little extra for the rent! lol
        but at least your back in the real world now phew! I have withdrawal if no internet

      2. I actually did have internet withdrawal….. these freaking machines are getting to me. And I don’t need another addiction, so might as well sell the computer, how much are you wanting to pay for it?

      3. lol you should offer it me for free if youre serious about giving up your addiction lol

      4. really? I thought the best things in life were free? or is that a crap song from the 80s or something lol

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