I’m filthy rich!!!

The phone rings and is a strange number. I hesitate for a second but I pick it up.


“Good morning is this Charly Priest?”

“Yes who is this?”

“I’m Silvia calling from your bank.”

Now I’m thinking that this is not good, IRS letters, Social Security letters or calls
from either of them is not good, banks included. She keeps on going.

“You know your ID has expired last year?”

Holy shit, they’re going to shut my account down.

“Yes, but later this month I will renovate it.”

“Good, bring it to us so we can update. I will also like to tell you that we are
offering 4.000 plus $ as a credit to be paid in four years.”

Holy shit, 4.000$ plus dollars!!!! Shit for me this is being rich. So I tell her I’ll think
about it and we’ll talk. I immediately call my reliable accountant….my dog.

She reminds me that the bank that I have opened the account in the heads of the
bank are in jail for fraud, basically taking our money for their filthy pockets. I say yes,so what is
the catch then? I ask myself. Is there going to be such a high interest payment? Like a mob tax that you
can never really pay all of it and they have you by the balls?

Anyways I got to this conclusion, I get my ID renovated at the end of the month,
not as easy as you would think,here in Spain you call the police and they will give you a 3 to 4 months
waiting time. So I do that, then I go to the bank, sign the papers get the money, all of it,
leave the account with one dollar left, take a plane to some exotic iceland where 4.000$ dollars goes a long way
and if the police starts looking for me I’m in an exotic island that has no extradition.
I still have to refine a bit more the plan but that is basically the fundamentals.
In a couple of weeks I’m gonna be sipping margarita in some freaking island.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. I can go to your place now that I’m rich, I’ll swim from Spain to the U.S corssing that Atlantic ocean full of sharks, fighiting them, and will reach the shore in about….. 7 hours if I swim quick. I will bring a bottle of champaign and ofcours “paella”, so the deal is sealed right?

      1. Because they take away the girls away from whites!!!! haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! there was the saying if I remember correctly from the US
        “Once you got black you don’t come back”

      1. You are smart you did make it in the phrase Afghanistan, what you think I did there, or not….Just me who knows the real deal mac a ….viel? I know how to kill and I know ho to love another human even if I don’ t like him
        and for him the same, and .I just shut up,, fuck me i a am drunk so fuck that shit, but i kill and stll killed in the ciivilian world a person and it was justified when the police saw me, long story, good person I am, if you have my back I have yours…… not tallking

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