hearts and mind in a combat zone?

Just wathcing this things, apart from porno mideos.
He just said it bluntly, what we think, not the politicians or civilans. Fuck those punks
I was a grunt as the americans say, by the way,I was going to say that the girl I was with
today…..holy!!! Manoly!!

Stay fucking frosty gents and gntesses.


  1. Yeah, fuck these Islamic extremists – if I was a soldier I wouldn’t even ask them to surrender in the proper way – if they don’t take all their clothes off to reveal no bomb, then I’d shoot them.
    ISIS is way worse than people think – most people think ISIS is bad, and they are, but they’re SO MUCH WORSE than ordinary people think. When Muslim mothers are applauding and cheering the sight of their own sons driving a huge truck full of explosives towards our guys – then quite simply, fuck them! They are a huge part of the problem.

    There’s a video I could share with you that shows the utter lunacy of the Jihadists and the bravery of the Free Syrian Army in response if you like?

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