what is poetry?

After looking up the definition
i got just one condition
for you….boo!
whatever i want to write
and hide
doing it with pride
So I guess the point is
that is not here, i’m just writing out of whatever comes to my head
is it good? is it bad?
fuck it, my life is quite hard
so poetry,,,,,is can and can’t be a mokerry….
yaaaaaaaaaknow! Doctor Stain, or is what whatever it is that you want to rhyme
or not rhyme, just do it, write, is not even right when i have a computer
and write, not only poetry if you can call this that, so your guess is what?

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses,



      1. It’s in Italian?
        I do have google translator so I’ll follow plus those woman are hot and who knows maybe I become a fashion writer if I learn more about fashion through your blog…I actually don’t know anything about fashion.

  1. I love this poem…what makes poetry that I like is that it means something to me, even if its like “wtf?” Sometimes meaning is completely opposite I know it is with my poems, which may or may not make any sense at all.

    1. I’m certainly not going for some kind of poetry prize so in my case I write what I want wich can be absurd or not make sense to others so agreed with you, for me is therapy really

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