Up on the up high

Today I’m high
since down comes gravity
wich makes me potentially
a tough one again
during the game
of life
i got the knife
to prove to me…not you
that surpassing obstacles
that are not miracles
is hard
but not impossible
very doable

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. put your mind to it and a lot of things are doable. There was a guy in my old life that said ” I prefer mental toughness than phisical strength, I can help you out physically but I can’t help you out with the mental toughness” Or some shit like that one of my seargents said.

      1. I totally agree with that. I’ve seen so many guys with big buffed up bodies fall apart on small things. Where mentally strong people knew their way around. Smart guy from your old life.

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