The black widow (50 word story)

“Hy honey, how was your work today?”

“As usual.”

“You need to relax, here, have a glass of scotch while I give you a good message.”

He started sipping the scotch, he coughed and felt down, now she was getting the insurance money.

“Got you bitch!” He yelled laughing profusely.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

P.S. 50 words exactly, not as easy as I thought.


    1. That’s the thing in a 50 word story you can only tell what you can, I guess others can make it better to understand their story, the point being that the girll though she killed him and he really and he really drink what she gave him, so he knew what she was all about and prepared for that situation in case it came so the “profusely word came to me to end up the 50 words

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