I’m a racist!!


I hate black people, brown people, asian people, white people…

I’m a universal racist
with all the races
are a mess
because we are all humans
and we can all do things called unhumans
or misbehaviour
or we can be also a savior
so not a racist really, you people silly
but the title was catchy
to cause some initial scratchy
is called
judge the individual
just my case as my own behavioral

Qick story.
First day I went to the U.S to a private highschool, the first person that I see standing in the
door of the dormitory is a black basketball player, big big dude. And there I am with all my bags
trying to find my way where is my room and this guy starts bullshiting me, I’m looking up at this
beast of a guy and thinking what the fuck is wrong with this guy, i didn’t think what is wrong
with this black guy, then he laughs smacks me on the back and tells me he’s just bullshiting.
So here I am my first day in the U.S, and I’m no pussy, so he could see that I was not scared of him
nor him of me, I was just staring him…. up and up, big ass dude this basketball player obviously.
So for me it never entered into my thoughts about this guy is black, I was just thinking this guy
is full of crap. We eventually did became acquaintances, but it was there when I realised that
the blacks went with the blacks the jocks with the jocks and all that shit, me? On my own here and
there, they did respect me since the americans found out that the new spanish kid was no pussy and
new how to give some smacks. Point being, judge the individual as I did when I was very young and
not my parents or teachers had to teach me that, it just came out of me by nature.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


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